Friday, May 27, 2016

Zemana AntiLogger

Anti-Logger, developed to thwarts attacks from various kinds of malware thrts, proactively protects your "Information Security" without needing a signature-based aorithm by using powerful anti-action methods.
Anti-Logger prevents attacks from all known forms of malware which are designed to perform information theft. Anti-Logger uses a proactive and unique way to detect potentially harmful appliions which have not alrdy been recognized or identified by anti-virus programs. Consequently, it protects your "Information Security" from a wide range of thrts. Anti-Logger employs a brand new and powerful protection method against unknown mal which cannot be caught by well-known and very commonly used security
software. To examine closely the superior power of Anti-Logger, and to test the various protection modules, or to understand how your security software protects your system, visit"simulation test program" pages.

Here are some ftures of "Zemana AntiLogger":
Anti-SSL Logger Module that provides protection against SSL LoggerAnti-WebCam Logger that provides protection against WebCam LoggerAnti- Logger Module that provides protection against LoggerAnti-Screen Logger that provides protection against Screen LoggerAnti-Clipboard Logger that provides protection against ClipBoard LoggerSystem Defence Module that protects your system
Changelog v1.9.3.502 (September 16, 2013)
Zemana AntiLogger now supports 8.1 RTM (Build:9600)Internal build decrsed, which will result in upgrade from ver to current version without system rebootPerformance enhancements for liGuardFixed an issue in the anti-logger module that could potentially cause extra log entries to be addedFixed a false positive detection in SSL protection module on certain Web sites DownloadZemana AntiLogger
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