Friday, May 27, 2016

Kings Gameplay v4 Pepsi IPL 7

Ftures of Kings Gameplay V4Cpu can bat depends on situation.Starting Power play overs cpu run rate above 8 and middle over 5, late few overs 10.You can limit Cpu run rate by bowling good length ball.Edges also possible and Its depending on pitch type.You can hit flat six and also out of ground sixes.Gameplay Suitable to All three Formats(TEST,ODI,T20)

Requirements for Kings Gameplay v4You willneed to installAbBh Modified Cricket07 exe
Download Here:AbBh Modified Cricket07 exe
Installation GuideExtract “King’s Gameplay V4″rar file, then copy all files from King’s Gameplay V4 folder and paste into cricketroot directory[ C:\Program Files\ \ (TM) Cricket 07 ]Before Copy and and paste my Gameplay take Backup on your old gameplay and Delete your all old gameplay files from cricketroot directory.Don’t mingle my gameplay files with other gameplay files bcoz you maynot get rlistic gameplay.Run Game and Play game with Rlistic gameplay.

Download Kings Gameplay v4Download here:Kings Gameplay v4(you will need Win RAR toextract it)

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