Friday, May 27, 2016

Suzuki Micromax Series 2014 Graphics Set India vs Srilanka

Micromax Cup 2014 Series Preview

Micromax Cup 2014 India vs Srilanka is on! The new Suzuki Gixxer Micromax Cup 2014 Series Graphics Set for Cricket 2007 now available for Download. Download now the latest Cricket 2007 Micromax Series 2014 Pitchad and Stumps here. Suzuki and Micromax are the sponsors of Limited Overs Series of West Indies and Srilanka versus India 2014. Download Links are attached below. Must provide your feedback.
How to install Micromax 2014 Graphics Set in Cricket 07?
After downloading the pitchad and stumps from the links above. Extract the rar files and copy all files to Cricket 07 Root Directory.Use Win RAR or 7Zip free software to extract files.

Micromax 2014 Graphics Set DownloadDownload HereMicromax Cup 2014 Set

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