Friday, May 27, 2016

Trsure Looter v1.5.8 Full APK Mediaifire Download

What's the definition about RPG? Yes, farming,leveling and refining for equipments. So now, that will be all about our new project,"Trsure Looter".

The ability of player's equipment equals to the character's strength. Players can refine the wpon, armor or accessory to level 30. Which mns even a novice's gr can rch the same ability with advance gr when refines to level 30.

The way to rn gold is from mob drops and sell them to the shop. Players can buy the different equipments to dress up their characters. Of course, mobs will drop equipments, too.

The bar offers the way for players to share their characters to others. Players can hire other players' character to fight together. Players can also rn some commission from someone else when your character was recruited.

There are five chapters (ten stages in ch chapter) with different themes and types of mobs. After theses, there will have the challenge stage-The Abyss in daily quest. Just need to beware of those mobs' powerful strength. You'll get points(PT) when pass the daily quest, it will raise player's rank in ranking list.


Requirements: Android 2.2 and up

There are three classic classes for player to choose:
Warrior, specializes in close combat fight but wk at flying-type mobs.Archer, the one who can fight against flying-type mobs sily, but wk at ground-type enemy.Sorcerer, skillful with ar attack, but need time to spelling.Since players are able to change classes anytime when not in battle scene, it is free to pick any class when crte characters.
What New's in version 1.5.8 ?
Fix fc on quest scene
More Info

Trsure Looter v1.5.8 Mod Apk - (7MB)

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