Friday, May 27, 2016

PhotoSuite for Android Full APK Mediafire Download

PhotoSuite Apk Software for Android From a developer 's one mobile solution Suite , PhotoSuite is a studio photo app with extensive capabilities . Of essential editing effects such as fun , combining s , drawings and collage sketch drawing tools such advanced photo art work with layers and masks as well as the selection of complex objects - PhotoSuite allows you to crte amazing s . Share the results with friends and family on social networks , cloud storage or via email .


Requirements: Android 2.3.3 and up

Improve your photos - crop an , apply a smooth tone and changes color to get the best from your photos .Use advanced photo designer tool - work with layers to combine s and crte a collage work - of-art .Enhance your photos with text graphics and drawing freely .Working with filters and effects - Invert , Grayscale , Pointillize , Crystallized , Exposure , Posterize , Diffuse , Contrast , replace , Kaleidoscope , Marble , Ripple , Block , Wve , Oil , Reduces noise , Sharpen , Edge .File format - PhotoSuite work in its own native format but can open and export s to common PNG , JPEG and formats gs .Imported contacts in the device and is used for text prediction .Use the selection tool is comprehensive and grouping objects quickly and sily handle part of your .Take advantage of your device's camera to take photos and include them in your drawing projects .Share your photos - PhotoSuite allows you to share photos with family and friends - in a social network like Facebook , Google , Picassa or Twitter , in the cloud like your Dropbox account ( via third-party appliions ), as an email attachment
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PhotoSuite 2 v3.0.70 Apk - (2MB)

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