Friday, May 27, 2016

Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn Full APK Mediafire Download

Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn Apk Game for Android Free promotion! Save $2.99!! An FPS (First Person Shooting) game with RPG element. A total of 4 classes with more than 100 skills and numerous random attribute equipment drops are at your disposal. Fight through large maps, challenging quests, and online multiplayer system. Come and join the adventure tm on the Muspel Planet!

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up

Classes and Skills:Four classes with unique characteristicsEight adventurers with different backgroundsCustomable diverse game stylesHundreds of skills and numerous combinationsLong Adventure:Grt scenery in complex maps that are fun to exploreImmersive principal narrative with comical branch storiesAmusing plot focused task contents develop gradually to keep the story novel.Brutally challenging levels.Tmwork:4 persons co-op8 persons PVPTm task mode will help you upgrade rapidly.rn victory in Tmwork arena.Strategic tm dynamics.Wpon List:Various elemental wpons affect enemies differently.Randomly erated wpon drop system guarantees satisfying combat.Seven egories of wpons to obliterate varied battlefields.Fight against BossEpic fight scenesPowerful Boss will rock your survival skills.Designed for unique encounters ch boss fight.
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DownloadBounty Hunter: Black Dawn v1.25 Apk - (8MB)

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