Friday, May 27, 2016

Auslogics Defrag Professional

Auslogics Defrag Professional Editon is of your favorite defragmenter. Now delivers even more speed to your hard drive, thanks to new optimization aorithms and boot-time defrag technology.
Defrag Pro incrses file access speed, mning that just about everything on your PC will work faster. Thanks to 4 different aorithms for lit file placement, your hard drive will always run at its top speed. Can’t decide which defrag aorithm to choose? No worries!
Use the Wizard to identify best defrag methods for your PC. Defrag Pro not only defrags, but also can prevent further
fragmentation by lving free space after specified files. For faster and safer defragmentation, you can set the program to remove temp files and check s for errors. Limit the use of system resources by the defrag process when you’re at your PC, or lift any restrictions for faster defrag. Speed improvements and s’ state can now be sily tracked through detailed reports and performance charts. Now you can defrag every single file, including crucial system files that are normally locked by .
4 Optimization AorithmsOffline DefragmentationFree Space ConsolidationAdvanced Defrag AorithmsComprehensive ReportsResource ManagementSingle File or Folder DefragmentationList of Fragmented FilesDefragmentation WizardAdvanced Scheduler
Changes in v4.3.0.0 (19/03/2013):
internal libraries have been updated to the latest versionsfixed all known issues
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