Friday, May 27, 2016

Atomic Alarm Clock 6.17.0 Full

Atomic Alarm Clock is an appliion that comes to replace the standard clock. Offers
users a bunch of extra utilities not yet available in 's operating system, such as an alarm clock, skins for clock, an atomic-time synchronizer, hourly chimes and more.

When it comes to setting up an alarm, the software's options are both sy and flexible. The alarm can be triggered at a certain date and time, once every few hours, on a daily basis or on certain days and hours and so on.

A flexible timetable is not all that Atomic Alarm Clock provides. In addition, it can play a sound of your choosing for a
specified of times, by hour count or until you dismiss the alarm window. It can also shut down your computer automatically or run a program of your choosing, with certain parameters. Furthermore, the software can wake the computer, in case it goes to standby or hibernate mode.


DownloadAtomic Alarm Clock 6.17.0Fullbelow:
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Download //a below: click here link1 click here link2 PASS_ 123

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