Friday, May 27, 2016

WWW File Share Pro 7.0 Full Download

WWW File Share Pro is an sy-to-use appliion that enables you to share files with
friends over the network. It can be smlessly set up, even by users with no background in such tools.

The interface is represented by a regular window with a simple, well-defined layout. So, all you have to do is establish the main download and upload directory, together with the port , in order to initialize the sharing process.

WWW File Share Pro automatically brings up a webpage in the default web browser, whose URL points out your IP address. You can check out all shared files and folders, and give the link to other users you want to grant access to.

It is also possible to upload additional items, straight from the webpage. Experienced users can look into the Advanced panel to configure more options. For instance, you can view log details, active users and connections, along with top files.

But you can also specify the uploading file size limit, HTML page title and footer. Moreover, you can enable protection for the whole webpage to filter user access, -protect or hide files and directories from unauthorized users, and ban IPs.

Additional options of WWW File Share Pro let you play sounds (e.g. finished uploading a file, user login), install an NT service, disable file logging, make the frame stay on top of other , optimize the computer's performance, as well as set WWW File Share Pro to automatically run at system startup.

DownloadWWW File Share Pro 7.0Fullbelow:

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