Friday, May 27, 2016

UXTheme Multi-er 9.0 Full

Since XP was relsed, there are countless 3rd-party visual styles relsed by many skinners in
order to improve user's experiences and eye candy. To use non-certified visual style is disallowed by 's certifie protection so you need to bypass certifiion verifiion in uxtheme.dll. Thanks to Rafael from to make this happened since the time XP was relsed. This er is straight forward so plse pay attention to what it tells.

Now UXTheme Multi-er officially use Rafael's specialised memory-ing that works on almost every since XP till latest 8.1

Changes in 9.0:
Added 8/8.1 support for both x86/x64
Completely based on UxStyle memory ing so any obsolete file ing method won’t be restored with this version
Refreshed UI to represent 8.1 support

DownloadUXTheme Multi-er 9.0.xFullbelow:
click here

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