Friday, May 27, 2016

The Bat! Professional Edition full download

The Bat is an e-mail appliion that supports multiple POP3 accounts, true multithrding, MIME and UUen standards, multimedia, message templates, minimization to the system tray, message notifiion, APOP authorization, and PGP.
You also will find a fast and comfortable message editor with text highlighting, as well as a mail diser for managing messages on servers. English, Russian, German, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Italian, Lithuanian and Romanian interfaces are built in, as is a multilingual spelling checker. The appliion’s other ftures include automatic dial-up networking (configurable
for multiple accounts) and the option to include a photo with ch address-book entry. There also are enhancements, such as message coloring, flagging, advanced filtering, speed improvements, and virus protection. The Bat! mail client has a lot of vital benefits and useful ftures that make your email experience simple and convenient. All these ftures perfectly fit any OS. High-level system of e-communiion messages processing with intuitive interface and strong privacy protection. Perfectly meets Corp. requirements – ‘Compatible with 7’ and ‘Certified for Vista’.

The Bat!’s benefits are:
Protection of privacyAnti-virus defenseSmart Sorting Handy Message TemplatesQuick TemplatesMessage ParkingBuilt-In Backup and RestoreUpdating and InstallingStrong EncryptionMail Synchronization Exchange ConnectivityExtended Support of National pagesConvenient Message DiserFast Address BookMultilanguage Interface ViewingSubmission FormsRuns on any PCPowerful Import Wizard
DownloadThe Bat! Professional Edition 5.4.8Fullbelow:
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