Friday, May 27, 2016

Stardock Start8 1.20.0 Full

stardock Start8 lets you return the Start Button to 8. This operating system of is shipped
without the “Start” menu. Start8 brings back 7-style Start menu with 8 enhancements. Also you can view and launch installed appliions (including Modern apps), All Programs menu.

Start8 includes support for “jump lists”/recent documents for recently accessed programs (Devices, Documents, Music, s, Photos, Computer, and more). Pin favorite desktop and Metro apps shortcuts directly to the start menu for sy access. Stardock Start8 adds srchable 8-style (Modern UI) Start menu options for desktop appliions, Modern appliions, and documents. It allows automatically load directly to your desktop on login (vs the start screen). In addition, you can also sily shutdown your PC without needing to access another menus.

Stardock Start8 Ftures:

• 7-style Start menu with 8 enhancements
• Pin desktop and Modern UI apps
• Jump list support
• Unified Srch for Apps, Settings and Files
• Boot directly to the 8 desktop
• Automatically matches the color of the taskbar
• Skinnable Start button
• 8 Start screen accessible from the Start Menu
• Optionally disable the 8 desktop “hot spots”
• Adds option for Win to show fullscreen metro desktop
• Group Policy support
• Configurable Start menu size
• 8 Start screen accessible from the Start menu
• Cln, strmlined UI enhances Start8′s usability
• Optionally disable the desktop 8 “hot spots”
• Supports WindowFX 5.1 start menu animations (currently in beta)
• Choose a custom Start button skin and color
System Requirements: 8 or Server 2012.
Changes in Stardock Start8 1.15:
- optionally view the taskbar when using fullscreen 8-style menu

Changes in 1.20 :

-Updated for 8.1 Preview build compatibility
-Start8 allows customizing the Start button AND provides a desktop Start menu
-Added new prompt on first run to select a default button . Upgrade installs will not see this prompt.
-When running on 8.1 Preview, respect the OS configuration for "boot to desktop"
-When used with Stardock WindowBlinds, you can also override the Start button in use with the WB setting for "always use the OS" button
-Options for showing the 8.1 Start screen in other than full-screen mode are disabled in this version of Start8

Installation Guide:
1 - Remove all previously installed versions of Start8..
2 - Run the pre installer, choose the language and install.
3 - Enjoy! ;)
4 - Or use for new version.

DownloadStardock Start8 1.20.0 Fullbelow
click here
Download / below: click here

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