Friday, May 27, 2016

Sri Lanka Premier Lgue For Cricket 2007

Note: This does NOT belong to me and is crted by it's original owner, TopPlayer from PlanetCricket . Plse rd our Disclaimer for more information about this.

Hello Everyone, it's been months since we have relsed a . So, hereby, after a long wait, a , probably a mini-, has been relsed. It's non other than the Sri Lanka Premier Lgue (SLPL) for Cricket 2007.

Tm Replacments

Wayamba United --- New South Wales Done
Naahira Nagas --- Queensland Bulls
Kandurata Warriors --- Tasmania Tigers
Uva Next --- Victoria
Ruhuna Royals --- Western Australia
Uthura Rudras --- South Australia
Basnahira Cricket --- World Text XI

Stadium Replacements

Cape Town -R Premadasa Stadium
Johannesburg -Pallekele

SLPL PC Game Requirements

Cricket 2007 : Click Here
OMGAyush Cricket 2012: Click Here
<optional, highly recommended>
IPL5 Sub For OA Cricket12: Click Here
<optional, highly recommended>ZAX-256 BatPack : Click Here

Installation Instructions

Firstly download the from below.
Extract the files to desktop.
Open the folder of SLPL Mini 2012.
Copy all the files and paste it in the Cricket 2007 Root Directory (C:Program Files (TM) Cricket07)
Enjoy the SLPL 2012 Mini by none other than OMGAyush.

Note: This does not contain rl fixtures, kits & roster. This is just made as a request by others. You can play the by going in Play Now option and choose your favourite tm.
Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Looks Grt, Right?
Of course it does, but I remind you that there is no roster, no rl faces, no rl bats and no rl fixtures. It is just a simple .

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Some Tips To Avoid Errors:-

This game runs individually without any , but you can also play it with OMGAyush Cricket12 - IPL5 .
You have to install ZAX-256 Ultimate HD BatPack to run this . Otherwise it will crte errors.
It is recommended to run the game with OMGAyush Cric12 for a better gameplay and error-free gameplay of the SLPL 2012.
This game doesn't run with OMGAyush's Cricket 2012, but it runs with OMGAyush's Cricket 2012 + IPL5 (IPL-5 is an addon to OMGAyush's Cricket 2012).

Hope you enjoy playing Sri Lanka Premier Lgue 2012 for Cricket 2007 or A Unit Studio's Cricket 2012/IPL-5 . If any errors, problems or doubts comment below and you will be answered before 24 hours.

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