Friday, May 27, 2016

SlySoft Any HD +

Any is a driver, which descrambles - automatically in the background. This apprs unprotected and region free for all appliions and the operating system as well.
Any works in the background to automatically remove the copy protection of a as soon as it’s inserted into the drive, allowing you then to backup the using a backup tool such as Clone and Clone mobile.You can also remove the RPC region , thereby making the region free and viewable on any player and with any player software. Any is capable of removing unwanted ftures, including subtitles and prohibition messages such as copyright and FBI warnings.

Ftures of Any:
Works automatically in the backgroundRemoves encryption (CSS) and region (RPC) from sRemoves analogue copy protection (Macrovision)Removes ftures such as forced subtitles and warningsDecrypts without the need to save the data onto your hard-Decrypts ‘on the fly’Prevents automatic launching of ‘PC-friendly’ software on sAllows adjustment of your monitor refresh rate for both NTSC and PAL monitorsAllows execution of external programs on disc insertion and removalAllows speed control of your drives
Changes in
New (Blu-ray): Support for new discsNew (): Support for new discsChange: File extension of logfiles is now ".ziplog"Some minor fixes and improvementsUpdated languagesDownloadSlySoft Any HD
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Download //a below:
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