Friday, May 27, 2016

RollBack Rx 10.2 Build 26987.45870

RollBack Rx™ is an instant time machine for your PC that enables home users and IT
professionals to sily restore a PC to a time before certain events occurred. RollBack Rx makes it sy for users of all skill levels to quickly and sily repair PC issues - saving time, money, and PC trouble.RollBack Rx delivers PC rollback, file recovery, system reset and data security capabilities all in one product. RollBack Rx will allow users and PC administrators to instantly undo any PC problem. This is performed by making it sy to revert the PC back to the last hour, yesterday, last week or even last month; File recovery sily restores files from archiving snapshots; System and data security prevents unauthorized access to system data even if the PC is stolen.

Changes in 10.2 Build26987.x45870.x
Fixed recover when subsystem is in text model
Fixed subsystem setup problem on Win 7 & 8 dual boot
Fine tune drivers for delay writes
Fixed bugs with scheduled tasks

DownloadRollBack Rx 10.2.x Build 26987.x45870.xFullbelow:
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