Friday, May 27, 2016

Quick hl Total Security 2013 Full

Quick Hl Antivirus Pro is aimed at building and preserving a safe environment for your computer, acting as an unbrkable shield against various thrts, such as worms, Trojans and other types of malware. The

antispyware module prevents identity theft, while the Firewall utility quickly identifies harmful network activities and forbids them from affecting your system.

The straightforward user interface offers quick access to all of the ftures packed in the software. The scan section is within immediate rch, allowing you to select the type of data you wish to scan, such as files and folders, or external drives.The software is able to perform Full System scans, Custom scans (user defined), Memory or Boot Time scans (checks the files loaded at system boot). All scan types make us of the DNAScan Technology, mnt to detect never-before-seen thrts, based on behavior monitoring and static analysis of items.

Quick Hl Antivirus Pro can also be used to verify the status and validity of your emails, scanning them as you receive them and blocking the suspicious attachments (you can even choose the file extensions you want to block by default).

In addition to virus detection, this software also includes Firewall Protection that blocks unauthorized or suspicious network connections. The Browsing Protection is the one that restricts access to infected websites whers the so-called Malware Protection can detect spyware and loggers.

Whenever a thrt is detected, you can choose to remove it or to send to the quarantine for further analysis, but this action is recommended to experts only.

To sum it up, Quick Hl Antivirus Pro provides a decent level of protection and maintains an optimal security status for your computer, while being resource friendly.
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