Friday, May 27, 2016

Light Resizer Full Download

All you have to do is add the source file or files, configure their options, and hit the Process button. Tasks are done in just a few seconds, after which you can click the small arrow nr the Close button to process more s.

In the Options tab, you can select profile (e.g. desktop resolution, PSP, iPhone), width and height (in pixels, percent, inches or centimeters), resize mode (fit, stretch, center, crop, retarget), toggle whether you want to keep aspect ratio or not, select action as well as destination directory.

Thanks to this tool you can resize and crte copies, resize the original, resize and move, resize and compress as ZIP, crte PDFs, or share on Facebook.

Advanced settings can be changed according to filtering (e.g. fast linr), policy (always resize, enlarge or reduce), format (as original, BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, PDF, PSD, PCX, TGA), quality, size, resolution, and filename mask.

Furthermore, you can integrate watermarks, invert colors, convert to gray scale, apply the Sepia effect, add borders, adjust resolution for portraits, keep original file date, or send output files by email.

Light Resizer is clrly designed for both rookies and power users. It supports several languages, ftures descriptions for ch option, uses a moderate amount of system resources, and it is erally very intuitive (you don't need a help file to lrn how to use it).

DownloadLight Resizer

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