Friday, May 27, 2016

Google Chrome 29.0.1547.62.0 New

Google Chrome - Web browser from Google open source software, which combines support for the
latest web-based appliions, sy srch with high speed and stability.
Of the ftures of the browser developers especially isolated tabs to prevent the failure and mistakes of the program, which provides more protection from dangerous sites.

Ftures :

- One box for everything
- Dynamic tabs
- Appliion shortcuts
- Crash control
- Integration with Google Grs
- Incognito mode
- Safe Browsing
- Multithrding and no freezes browser
- Instant bookmarks
- Import settings from other browsers
- The simplified process of loading
- Behind ch tab a separate process is fixed
- The use of a very simple and fast WebKit engine for rendering HTML
- Multilanguage support and sy to use browser
- Timely updates of components of the program

DownloadGoogle Chromebelow:
click hereStableclick here Portable
click here Mac
click here Linux

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