Friday, May 27, 2016

Ghost Recon Desert Siege Free Download

Ghost ReconDesert Siegeftures some subtle but important improvements to the original gameplay thatmake GhostRecon a more polished and enjoyable game as a whole. Set six months after the first game, Desert Siege ftures a new campaign inst Africa, where the Ghosts have been deployed to stop Ethiopian Army Colonel Tesfaye Wolde’s plans to invade Eritr. He executes his plan through arms sales with the same Russian ultra-nationalists who launched the coup the previous yr.The Ghosts are back. After first appring in last yr’s tactical shooter Ghost Recon, this fictional tm of eliteUS soldiersreturns in Desert Siege. This expansion pack takes you through eight single-player missions in the sands of Africa and adds welcome new multiplayer options to the original game. It also ftures some subtle but important improvements to the original gameplay thatmake GhostRecon a more
polished and enjoyable game as a whole.TheDesert Siegelevels look much better than those of the original.The setting of Ghost Recon was pretty typical: You battled your way through former Soviet states thrtened by Russian ultranationalists.Desert Siegeoffers up a more unusual setting. This time, you’ll help Eritr stave off an invasion led by an Ethiopian dictator. At first, this may sound prettyobscure, but it’s actually quite topical. In rl life,
Eritr won its independence from Ethiopia only about 10 yrs ago after decades of war. Fighting flared up again between the two nations just a few yrs ago. Plus, s of US troops fighting in sandy wastes or in Africa itself have become familiar through US operations in the Persian Gulf, Somalia (Ethiopia’s neighbor), andAfghanistan.
Perhaps the most important new multiplayer offerings inDesert Siegre the new domination and siege modes. Many of the original multiplayer modes in Ghost Recon had far more in common with traditional run-and-gun shooters than rlistic military operations. The new modes more rdily call to mind believable combat objectives. Sadly, just as in the single player game, you’ll still find an undue and unrlistic overemphasis on distant sniping over midrange suppression by machine guns or close quarters fighting withsubmachineguns and grenades. Ubi Soft’s buggy and awkwardmatchmaking servicestill desperately needs an overhaul, too, though you’re free to use other services.In the new domination mode, tms try to rch and hold zones for as long as possible. To hold a zone and rn points, at lst one of your tmmates needs to be in it while preventing the enemy from entering. Tm coordination is a must if you want to cover various avenues of approach effectively. In a welcome touch, kills don’t rn you any points. They’re just a mns to a military end: controlling territory. Glory hounds need not apply.Desert Siegeis a fine expansion and makes Ghost Recon a better game.Siege mode puts the smallest of multiple tms in a base that it has to defend from one or more larger assaulting tms.System= Pentium 4 CPU 1.4 GHz
RAM= 256 MB
Size= 237 MB
Memory= 64 MB
OS= 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and8
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