Friday, May 27, 2016

Emercy 2013 Full Download

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Emercy2013 Review:Emercy is a German series of six games which are a result of joint venture between 16 Tons Entertainment and Quadriga Games. ch game focuses upon micromanaging emercy services on a variety of accidental scenarios. Some response unit types are EMS, police, & firefighters. They all have certain auxiliaries like Srch and Rescue as well as technical units called THW.
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Emercy 2013 PC Game System Requirements OS XP OR VistaProcessor 2.8 GHz1 GBRAMHard 40 GBSound Card Card ROM
Emercy2013PC GameRecommended System Requirements OS 7 OR 8Processor Core i3 2 GBRAMHard 80 GBGraphics Card 1 GB Sound Card Card ROM Joysticks ControllersInternet Connection 2Mbps
EMERCY 2013 Download for Free

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