Friday, May 27, 2016

EditPlus 3.60 Build 740 Full

Edit Plus is a full-ftured text editor that can also play the role of an advanced HTML editor. Thus it is able not only to replace Notepad, but it can also assist designers and programmers in their new projects.

The interface might trick you into believing that you're actually dling with a much more advanced tool, but the whole look was made to assist you while taking advantage of its grt ftures.

The main window includes a file browser to help you open text documents on the fly, while the document content is displayed on the right side.
It also has some stats usually found in text editors and they include the current line and column.

Lving the basic text editing tools aside, Edit Plus comes with URL highlighting, syntax, word and brace highlighting, as well as with a fully user interface, just to be sure it will perfectly fit your needs.

In addition, it boasts auto completion, word wrap, file encoding, a clipboard monitor, as well as a log file watcher and auto indent.

DownloadEdit Plus 3.60 Build 740 Fullbelow:

click here
click herelink 1click herelink 2 --- 123

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