Friday, May 27, 2016

DRAW X4 Free Download

DRAW X4lets you tackle crtivegraphics and designprojects with confidence. Precision tools, market-lding file compatibility and high quality content help you turn your crtive ids into professional results.DRAWX4 has been relsed and we’re happy toannouncemany new ftures are particularly helpful to the engraving community!Here we’ll highlight some of these exciting ftures that have been added to this commonly-used software.New integratedweb appliionswithDRAWX4 ConceptShare™ and WhatTheFont™ will optimize your workflowNew separate layers per page make it sier to crte multiple page layouts within one documentNew live text formatting lets youpreviewchanges before applying Draw X4 on When you purchase X4 it will be delivered to you in format. For those of you with only a on your computer, you will not be ableto installX4. But don’t worry. You can buy anexternalUSB player at almost any electronics store for $ 50 to $ 100. Simply plug it in and you’re rdyto installX4 (or watch your favorite !)
Mirrorparagraph text Finally, you can nowmirrorparagraph text in Draw X4! This may not seem like a big dl, but if you’ve ever tried to set up a lot of text for an odd shaped acrylic award, you’ve been frustrated when you get it all set up and it turns to gibberish when you’ve mirrored it in rlier versions of . With just a click of your mouse, mirroring paragraph text now works just like you have wanted it to for yrs!
Straighten Is that bitmap you’re trying to use slightly askew or even way off? Not to worry – this new fture will help you get it all straightened out. well, your bitmap s anyway. This new fture is one we’ve been wishing for yrs and it’s so sy to use that you’re going to throw s into the scanner any old way so you can show everyone how sily you can now straighten them. It’s that cool!
Font Identifiion “I love that font on the I scanned, but what’s it called and where can I find it?” If you’ve ever had to scan an and replie the font this new fture is a lifesaver! Thanks to integration with WhatTheFont from, you can sily determine what font is being used on any bitmap. This fture is as sy to use and just as cool as the Straighten fture!
Specialized Fonts has added 10 engraving fonts in X4. These fonts are on the X4 and can be found by following this path: Drive | Extras Content Fonts True Type Engraver. In some literature these fonts are referred to as single line fonts, but they are technically not. They were designed to look like single line fonts, but they do have fills and outlines. They do however, emulate traditional engraving fonts and many people will find them quite useful.
PowerTRACE X4 – has added a new Centerline Trace fture that adds flexibility and more accurate results to their alrdy grt raster-to-vector conversion tool.
Live text formatting Want topreviewtext formatting changes in rl-time before you apply them to your document? Well you finally can with the live text formatting option!
Training s Want to lrn more about illustration or -editing? Or maybe you want to brush up on some of the fundamental ftures. Whatever you want to lrn, X4 has two full hours of eduional training s for bothDRAWX4 and Paint X4. These helpful s are sure to make the grade.
Professionally designed templates Having trouble getting started with a design? The pros have supplied more than 80design templates(with notes) to help you kick off any project!
Print Merge has upgraded the Print Merge fture to make it sier to use and understand. One of the training s is even dedied to this powerful fture.
Interactive Table Tool A rl time saver, the interactive table tool lets you quickly and sily import tables to provide structured layouts for your text and graphics.
High quality thumbnail previews What good is a thumbnailpreviewif you can’t see anything? Make sure to check out ’s new higher-quality thumbnail previews on your next project.
Built in RAW camera support With support for over hundreds of cameras, this new fture lets you import and adjust raw camera files directly from your digital camera! Point, shoot and plug in – you can evenpreviewchanges in rl-time.
DRAWX4 ConceptShare™ – Need to brainstorm or gather feedback on a design? ConceptShare makes it a breeze for you to collaborate online with colues and clients on your designs and other ids!
DRAWX4 Handbook – You’ll be amazed at the insights fromDRAWexperts and the abundance of practical, rl-world examples of accomplished designs that are included in this book.

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