Friday, May 27, 2016

Download Uni PES 6: Empoli FC 2014-2015 Update ver 15.2 Home Kit, Away Kit, GK Home, and GK Away

Download Uni PES 6 of Empoli sson 2014-2015 crted by PES6Share.
Here you can view the newest progress of this project:
1. Home Kit
2. GK Home Kit
3. GDB Empoli FC version 15.1
4. GDB Empoli FC version 15.2 preview

Home Kit
Kits of Empoli made by Italian brand Royal. Home kit of Empoli dominated by Blue. White big strip come in right sleeve only. The special design placed in left side of jersey. There are silhouettes of the Empoli City landmarks, St. Andr Collegiate Church and the "Fountain of The Lions". The main sponsor logo, NGM smart placed in front of shirt. While other sponsor Computer Gross and apparel logo, Royal placed in right side of kit.

The short manly blue with a white hoop around the right leg. Shirt placed in right side upper thar Royal text logo. While New Empoli Logo in left side.

The Empoli 2014-2015 Home Kit sock are blue with royal text logo and Empoli logo. Wide white strip placed horizontally.

Uni PES 6 Empoli 2014-2015 Home Kit
HOME KIT: Home Kit of Empoli FC Sson 2014-2015
GK HOME KIT: Goalkeeper Kits with long and short sleeves
Download Uni PES 6 Empoli FC 2014-2015 version 15.1

Version 2015.1 contain Home Kit and GK Home Kit. Its basic version to play. While GK Away Kit placed by Home Kit and Away Kit placed by GK Home Kit. So, we can play with kit Empoli like preview. Blue uniform for Home and GK away, Grey uniform for Away and GK home. Enjoy the butiful design from Serie A promotion club.

Uni Empoli FC 2014-2015 version 15.2
Home Kit Preview:
Update Home Kit:
- Connecting small stripe in front of collar.
- Text "Azzurri" at back of collar
- Adding "sewing" line like rl kit
- Resizing back sponsor
- Different tone of colour at "inner shirt" in sleeves.

Away Kit Preview:
New Away Kit:
- Based Empoli FC kit at Launching Ceremonies.
- Short and sock based kit concept which published.

Goalkeeper Home Kit Preview
Update GK Home Kit:
- Update same with home kit
- Blue line in the end of long sleeve kit

Goalkeeper Away Kit Preview
New GK Away Kit:
- Based Empoli FC kit at Launching Ceremonies.

Download Uni PES 6 Empoli FC 2014-2015 ver 15.2
Ver 15.2 contain full GDB. GK home, GK Away, Home and Away Kit.

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