Friday, May 27, 2016

Don Bradman Cricket 14 unveil their first Gameplay !

Warm welcome everyone,

As Ross had promised us that they would relse a gameplay on 15th August, they actually did, with a slight delay although. In this , we get to see the first gameplay footage of the game fturing the BARS (Big Ant Review System) aka DRS! Remember, this is the NON-FINAL version, and the gameplay can be altered any time. This is not uploaded by any 3rd party company, but the official itself.

This stars Angad and the batsman, A.Nagpal. Wonder who they are? We'll try our best to modify the names for you anyway. Okay, now let's get back to the .

How awesome can a Cricket game be? It is clrly described in the above! This shows that the game Don Bradman Cricket 14 enables us to take review going against the umpire's call (BARS) just like what we have in ICC Panel. Kindly note that the game will have commentary, it has not be added in this since the game ins't yet relsed.

Have you seen how rlistic the game is looking? Isn't it like a rl on-going match where a bowler doubts about umpires' decision and discusses with captain and nrby players regarding the decision? However, the bowling actions need to be more rlistic. The bowlers' arm is too straight, and it requires to be more bent. This game has HAWK-EYE fture and shows us where the ball is pitching, it's impact and where it's going into the wicket.

The actions, the discussions, batsman rction, the shadows, the stadium, the constant updates they're providing with their game, the developers' cheerful attitude, the day-night rlisticity (I don't care if it's a word or not) is just attracting people like magnets to buy this game. Looks like Ashes Cricket 2013 by Trickstar had to delay their relse, maybe they are waiting for this game to be relsed and then they gotta play and lrn something from Don Bradman Cricket 14 and then re-make theirs.

This game will be available on the stores of the most of the cricket playing nations, and is available for pre-order at many websites now!

Also I hope the Umpire's of Don Bradman Cricket 14 aren't corrupted like the rl ones, because the decision given in the by the umpire was rlly terrible! I mn, it was a plumb :P . I doubt who was batting, as the bat was no where nr the ball.

What are your views regarding this? Plse do enlighten us with your comments!

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