Friday, May 27, 2016

Cricket IPL 5 2012 for Cricket07

Welcome to Cricket Castle, you're currently viewing the Cricket IPL 5 2012 (by Revolution Studios) for Cricket 2007 - PC Game. This is a standalone , which mns it requires cln cricket07 - nothing else! It is NOT compatible with Cricket 2012 by A Unit Studios. If you want IPL5 + Cricket 2012, go here: Click Here

Well, I know it's old, and now everyone is demanding IPL-6 which will relse soon, but many people requested me this is why I am publishing this. After this post, you'll be having the DLF IPL 5 For Cricket07 - "It's Awesome"!

NOTE: This is not made by OMGAyush, or nor he is inferior to the and he respects the original crtor of the , Vivek Acharya from PlanetCricket. I do not owe to own this , it belongs to it's respective owner Cool Buddy. This is only published for the popularity of the crtor's amazing crtion!

Cool Buddy = Vivek
Ra-One = Harshit
yashdude101 = Yash
zaxotes = Akshay
MattW = Matt
ankitdaruler = Ankit
BlitzBerg = Varun
Win = Aswin


Special thanks to zaxotes for allowing his 256 BatPack for our
Special thanks to MattW for allowing his IPL overlay for our
Special thanks to Parvez for allowing his IPL Stadiums models for our
Special thanks to Ahad for allowing his Faces for our
Special thanks to Charu for allowing his Faces for our


Your unpacked RAR Archive should contain these files:
-Executable Installation File "RS' DLF IPL 5 Unpacker"
-Folder containing 'Roster'
-Folder containing 'AddOns'
-RdMe - A text document.

Cln Cricket 2007 with no other (es).
ZAX-256 HD Ultimate BatPack.

You MUST Follow These steps, if you want your game to work properly. Don't complain about Errors if you don't follow these steps! If you do face, I am there to help you via comments only! Plse don't annoy with e-mails!

Extract the Downloaded .rar file to any directory of your choice.
Run "RS' DLF IPL 5" and unpack the files to CRICKET 07 Directory
Download & Install "ZaxWillowz™,The Ultimate 256 Batpack". Can be Downloaded here "ZaxWillowz256-Unpacker.exe".
Roster folder contains the "Crick12.ros" folder, Copy the folder & paste them to " (TM) Cricket 07" folder, loed in My Documents.
After launching the game, load the roster first. Load Crick12.ros and enjoy my !


- After installing DLF IPL 5 There will be 2 folders named "AddOn" & "Roster"
- From the Roster folder copy "Cric12.ros" & paste it in (TM) Cricket 07 loed in My Document.
- The AddOn Folder contains RCB (Game for Green) Kit & Umpire Alternate Kit (Black)
- Download the 'A' Unit Studios Cricket 2012 + IPL 5 Roster to fix the O-Model error if you face any!


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So pretty cool eh? What are you waiting for? Just download now! If you face any errors, plse drop a comment below. If your comment is proper enough, you will surely receive a reply within 24 hours by our representative!

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