Friday, May 27, 2016

★BlueMATH Calculator★ - Expression ★evaluator & ★desktop calculator is here!

Free 30 day★s trial
★Calculator - extended mode
(Ex★tended mode)
★Calculator - compact mode
(Compact mode)
★Calculator is a flexible desktop calculator and math expression★r.

It can calculate simultaneously multiple expression★s, showing the results in the same time as you type.
Type the mathematical expressions in a similar way as you would write them on paper.
multiple expressions evaluation
arithmetic operations
parentheses support for complex mathematical expressions
support★★r user defined variables
results can be formatted to decimal, hexadecimal and binary bases
built-in aebraic, logarithmic and trigonometric functions
★★d of user defined variables
scientific e notation
results formatted with digit group separator
enter formulas with board or special extended mode pad
Pentium processor
1 MB available★

★Blue MATH Calculator★ - Expression ★ & ★desktop calculatorFullbelow:
click herelink 1click herelink 2 --- 123

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