Friday, May 27, 2016

★Articulate Studio 13 Pro 4.1.00 With is here!★

Whether you need to crte a simple presentation or a complex one, it is important to have all the tools that you might need to make it look rlly good.

Articulate Studio Pro is an all-in-one suite offering powerful tools that can help you crte numerous interactive slideshows, quizzes presentation and e-lrning courses.

The appliion runs properly when the computer it is installed on has the following programs: PowerPoint, Word, Flash Player and .NET Framework.

Articulate Studio Pro has 3 major programs: Articulate Engage, Articulate Presenter and Articulate Quizmaker, ch one being able to crte a certain project or presentation.

Interactive project builder

Articulate Engage helps users crte interactions and other similar projects, such as bulletin boards, checklists, diagrams, glossaries and many more.

You can add sounds and animations to your presentation, as well as crte various informative s, one example being a sticky note or a pinned note on a board.

Expanded quiz crtor

Articulate Quizmaker allows you to crte interactive quizzes, such as graded questions, and freeform tests.

ch type of test or quiz can have different response actions; for instance, you can select response actions such as true/false, multiple choice, fill in the blank, Likert scale, pick one answer, or drag-and-drop ranking.

Flexible slideshow editor

Articulate Presenter integrates itself to PowerPoint and allows you to enhance a slide by adding recorded narrations, annotations or various animations and s.

Furthermore, you can insert into your project files crted by the other programs from the suite, thus enabling you to crte advanced slideshow presentations.

A wide-ranged suite for e-lrning presentations

Articulate Studio Pro can help anyone crte complex presentations, with interactive buttons and animations, whether you are a tcher, student or spokesman.

Your interactive projects will ch the eye of many and enhance your overall public or private presentation.

DownloadArticulate Studio '13 Pro 4.1.00Fullbelow:

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