Friday, May 27, 2016

A2 Studios Arise Asia Cup 2014 for Cricket07

Thisis almost done, and this post will be modified very soon with the updates of the A2 Studios AriseAsia Cup2014 for Cricket 2007!FTURESWhat does thisinclude?OutfieldsOverlays & MenusRlisticFacesuine KitsRlisticStadiumsRosterwith correct namesAsia Cupactual fixtures…and much more!A2 Studios finally relsesAriseAsia Cup2014.The contains 4 PORTIONS, rd instructions below:REQUIREMENTS CRICKET 07 FRESH COPY
INSTALLAC 256 Batpack
INSTALameplay HOW TO PLAYAfter installation, launch Cricket07. Go to My Cricket & Load therosterAC14.ROS
Then go to Games Modes > Domestic >Asia Cup2014 > Set Fixtures as“2006/07″
Select user tm & Enjoy!SCREENSHOTSThishas been made completely by A2 Studios, and the hard work they have applied into this is worth thedownload! Most of the work is done by Sathish and Arpit Rocks.DOWNLOAD

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